Building strong bonds with our families is important to us and this starts with quality communication. Here at City and Little City Nursery we believe in the importance of working with our parents and carers to ensure your voices are heard. Its our intention that your views and opinions on our services are not only respected but utilised to improve what we offer. In this way, we aim to ensure we are supplying the best nursery environment and experiences for your child.

We have a Parents Forum which meets three or four times a year. All parents are welcome to contribute, and if you would like to become a forum member please speak to our manager Cara on 0131 446 0088.

All parents have access to the Famly app where staff record daily details about each child’s meals, sleep times and toileting, which is supplemented by face to face handovers each day of attendance. Parents can also see photos and information about their child’s learning experiences, progress and development on the app.  They have access to monthly invoice information and can send and receive messages to and from nursery staff and managers through Famly too.

In addition the nursery holds regular parents evenings and curriculum evenings where information about learning and development is shared, as well as community events such as our Spring and Winter Fayres which are open to our families and the general public.